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The Best Way to Learn English is Practice a Lot

Studying English is like learning to play a musical instrument. Whether you want to learn how to speak English or how to improve reading English, the more you practice - especially spoken English, the better you get at all the other skills. It's a simple principle. It's still a lot of work, but if you follow that, you will be successful.  

Most ESL classes spend too much time learning English grammar. It's true that grammar is important, but learning language is like learning to swim.  You can't do it by reading a book -- you have to practice!  

  • GEOS' ESL courses are designed to give students more practice.
  • GEOS students have English classes every day for just Speaking and Listening.
  • Because GEOS has more English speaking classes, our students learn English faster.
Program OptionSample TimetableLessons per WeekHours per WeekVisa Eligible
Intensive English Timetable3022.5Study or Visitor Permits
Super-Intensive English Timetable4028Study or Visitor Permits
Standard English Timetable2015Visitor Permits
Part-Time English Timetable107.5Visitor Permits

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