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Active Listening - Improve English Speaking at GEOS Ottawa

We all know that in order to get good at something you have to get good at the basics. The mistake many people make is that the basics of English is only grammar. That's like learning to get better at soccer by reading the rule book.

If you want to know how to improve English, what you are really asking is how to improve spoken English. Speaking practice helps all the other skills more than any other type of practice. Most of the time we communicate by speaking - even when we are learning to think in another language - so when you are choosing the right place for your English lesson, you should choose the place that give you the most time in spoken English classes.

GEOS has designed their ESL course to have the most speaking time. In the Active listening class, students spend the entire 90 minute block speaking or listening. This is because while speaking is the most fundamental skill to language, listening is the most difficult and requires the most practice.

The more you practice these two important areas, the faster you will improve.